Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can result in harmful health affects. Polluted air can stem from many things, leaving it hard to determine without the correct equipment. Not everyone experiences problems breathing low quality air, but they can develop issues with long term exposure. 

Acadia samples the air to determine air quality. If poor IAQ is found, then an assessment is done to determine the cause. Then Acadia can fix the problem with a clean controlled method to ensure the issue is fixed and contaminants are not distributed throughout the building.

Duct cleaning

Dirty air ducts are a high cause of poor IAQ. Acadia offers a duct cleaning service for the areas you can’t see or reach. Even though air vents may be clean, often the ducts contain large amounts of dust and allergens that get spread throughout your home. We place ducts under negative pressure and HEPA filtration while performing our duct cleaning. Duct cleaning should be done periodically to maximize air quality and system efficiency.