Why Remove Mold?

Are you experiencing allergies or other health issues? This can be the first sign of poor air quality caused by mold inside your home or building. Mold isn’t just a cosmetic issue, but can result in many health affects and even point to structural instabilities in extreme cases. Removing mold properly will result in iradicating all mold. Some mold issues are hidden because of the locations as: attics, inside walls, crawl spaces, inside furniture and other enclosed areas. Acadia can perform an inspection and air sampling to determine if allergenic mold exists in your home. 

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Causes of Mold

The recipe for mold growth is: food, water and mold spores. Spores exist everywhere in the outside air, and building materials in your house offer a great source of food. Therefore the limiting factor to prevent mold is water. Water damage and high humidity are what lead to mold growth. Bathrooms and Kitchens are very prone to mold growth. Removing mold properly will remove the issue from your house and inhibit mold return. 


How We Remove It

First, Acadia will inspect a building for mold and the cause behind it. Acadia then establishes a regulated area with poly barriers around the entire mold remediation site. The area is put under negative pressure and HEPA filtered so that no contaminated air or debris gets released into the rest of the building. After remediation we can work with you to resolve the moisture problem that is occurring, or the mold will return!